Online body mass index (BMI) calculator

Online BMI calculator

An online tool for calculating your BMI.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body mass index or BMI is a useful as a measure of whether you are within your healthy weight range.

Measure your weight in no or minimal clothing, ideally first thing in the morning.  Ask someone to help you measure your height or check what’s on your driver’s license.  Then plug the numbers into the calculator.

Calculate your body mass index:


What does this number mean?  Check out this table to find where your BMI falls:

If your BMI is:You are classified as: And your risk of health problems is:
Less than 18.5 underweightsome risk
18.5 to 24.99normal weightleast risk
25 to 29.99overweightincreased risk
30 and overobesehigh risk


If your BMI* falls within the overweight or obese ranges then it’s time to work on your lifestyle as you’re at higher risk of developing chronic health conditions.

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*Please note:  BMI doesn’t distinguish between muscle or fat or water, and isn’t useful for pregnant or lactating women, athletes, body builders, elderly people or people of Asian and Indian descent, extreme under- or over-weight, people under 18 years of age, and those shorter than 150cm or taller than 190cm.