Do you need help either preventing your pre-diabetes progressing to type 2 diabetes, or help in managing your type 2 diabetes? You’re in the right place.

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The HELP! Healthy Eating and Exercise for Life Plan is ready for you.


You will have 5 x fortnightly consults with Dale to work on your:

  • health goals – everyone is different! Maybe your goals involve weight loss or blood glucose stabilisation or reducing your cholesterol or even going for remission!
  • we’ll look at an eating plan to meet your health goals
  • we’ll tackle emotional eating and over-eating cues
  • then we’ll consider how to achieve movement goals
  • this will include overcoming barriers and forming new habits
  • and looking at your mindset and motivation.

Appointments can be face-to-face in our Clayfield (Brisbane, Queensland) clinic or by telehealth or telephone. Choose what works best for you.

What I need from you:
  • a positive frame of mind
  • commitment to make changes!
  • and a referral from your GP.

Total cost for this tailored 10 week program is $460.

Book an initial HELP! appointment here