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We all know nutrition and exercise are important, but they really are essential for improving your health and changing your body composition. Managing your weight is hard work but Nutrition Intuition can advise you on healthy eating and get you into good eating habits. We can guide you on what exercise you should be doing and help you choose the activities you like to do so you gain muscle, tone and burn fat.

Everyone has different reasons for managing their weight – to prevent chronic conditions, to feel more energetic or to fit into your ‘thin’ wardrobe! – but it’s a complex issue. Sometimes it isn’t to do with what you are eating most of the time but more to do with ingrained habits or emotions. Nutrition Intuition understands the Australian woman and how busy your life is! We can help you decide what is most important to you and get you on track to achieving it, sustainably.

We can work with you so that you understand your eating and how to overcome ingrained negative habits and cravings.  Getting that mindset right for a healthy lifestyle.  Think how great you’ll feel!


You receive:

  • a nutrition and lifestyle assessment
  • a set achievable goals
  • strategies for achieving your goals
  • an eating plan with tactics to deal with emotional eating and over-eating
  • a qualified accredited practising dietitian/nutritionist and wellness coach to counsel you all the way through
  • a movement guide
  • 1 x 1 hr initial appointment AND 5 x 30 min review appointments face-to-face in Clayfield (Brisbane, Queensland), by phone or telehealth
  • AND weekly accountability SMS check ins.

Great value at just $590.

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