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Nutrition Intuition's dietitian and PT Dale Cooke

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Dietitian, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer & Health Coach

I can help you achieve your goals! 

I’ve been where you are now.  Yes, I haven’t always felt comfortable in my body.  I know what its like to feel that you are too busy caring for others to care for yourself.  I understand you and where you are now.  And I can help you feel better in your body as well as feel fitter and healthier.

I’m not perfect. I don’t eat healthy all the time. I skip exercise sometimes. I don’t have a perfect body shape. And I’m not a spring chicken.

However, I do have life experience. I do know my stuff. And I do know how to help you.

I can help you get un-stuck.  To get motivated, eating well and feeling fit. I use a health at every size philosophy.

Book in now for a consult.

I am:
  • accredited with Dietitians Australia as an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist – so I know the evidence behind what to eat for health, wellness and weight loss
  • AusREP registered with AUSactive (previously called Fitness Australia) as a Personal Trainer – so I can write an exercise program to meet your fitness goals
  • trained as a Health Coach – so I know the best ways to help you achieve your goals
  • trained in counselling techniques including motivational interviewing and ACT (acceptance commitment therapy) – so I can work with you to help you figure out what you want most
  • and have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment – so I’m good at providing the right kind of information for you.

What else can I do for you?

I’m an intuitive cook so I can help you to learn how to prepare great tasting, healthy food when I coach you.

Want info on vegetarian or plant-based eating?  I can do that, too (my kids are vegan and I cook for them often and make sure they eat well!).

Got a chronic condition like diabetes or heart disease? I can help you with that, as well. I’ve worked extensively with people living with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. My hubby has type 1 diabetes!

I can teach you how to read food labels, if that’s a skill you are missing.  What is the best kind of activity for your needs.  What to do when you “fall off the wagon” (yes, we all do!)… and lots more. I will tailor our sessions to suit you.

Dale Cooke

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