A new year tends to bring on all sorts of determination from within us – it’s time to wipe the slate clean and to revise our health and habits.  Within a short time our willpower may wane and we go back to old habits feeling like we’ve failed yet again!new years resolutions

Yes, it is hard to break old habits and form new ones.  Let’s be realistic, it will always be hard.  You can’t become a super woman overnight (if that’s your dream), it will take time to change and embed that change into enduring habits.

Be realistic.  Be specific.

Below are six tips on what you can do work your way towards achieving change over the coming year:

  1. Make your goals specific – say exactly what you are going to achieve and how, over what time period. Break it down so you can really see if it is an achievable goal in the timeframe you have set.
  2. Write your goals down – I heard someone say once “goals are just wishes if they aren’t written down”. That’s so true.  We all wish things would be different but you have to make changes to achieve change and it’s hard to make changes if you don’t get specific and set those goals in ink somewhere.write down your new year resolutions
  3. Publicise your goals to family and friends – gain their support.  “What if I fail?”, I hear you cry.  If you tell your family and friends who are likely to support you it will make it easier to achieve your goals.  Be specific about what you are planning to achieve and what support they can give you – time such as help with the kids, encouragement to be active, an exercise partner, positivity towards a changed dinner menu; whatever works for your situation.  It will also make you work harder as you will feel more accountable to someone.
  4. Review your goals regularly – it’s really easy to get caught up in ‘life’ and forget what you are trying to achieve. Too easy.  So give yourself some prompts to keep you striving.  Whether it’s having your goals in the notes section of your mobile phone or written in your diary or on the fridge at home and making a 5 minute time slot each week to consider how you are going.
  5. Adjust your goals according to circumstances – yes, ‘life’ does keep happening. I so understand that!  If life gets so busy or your circumstances change then modify your goals accordingly.  You want to be striving toward success not failure, so adjust your goals to something which is  No, that is not failure!  That is being realistic.  We all have injury, illness, family commitments, work and business issues which pop up over time.  Life does not stay the same as the first of January each year, so be realistic and adjust your goals to achievable goals as you go.
  6. Celebrate your successes – this one is important and so easy for us to forget or feel embarrassed about. If your goals are broken down into small ‘chunks’ you can celebrate those smaller successes as you go.  No, don’t go out on the town and paint it red, tell your supporters how you’re going, accept their compliments and with a few milestone success points give yourself a pre-determined reward.  This might be some me-time (away from the family perhaps to read, shop or have a home spa evening), new active wear, new joggers, a change of hair style, a massage or a magazine; make the reward size fit the success.

Good luck with achieving your resolutions!  Stay determined in building fresh habits!  A bit of planning and management can go a long way to achieving them.

happy new year from NI

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