So how are you going with your resolutions?  Whether they were made in a slightly alcoholic haze at New Year or in the cold light of day when you realized you couldn’t fit back into your work uniform after holidays or just because you decided to turn over a new healthier leaf – it’s time to check in on them!

Back in early January, I gave some tips on keeping your resolutions.  But life gets so busy, doesn’t it?  What we were committed to achieving in early January may have gone out the window in February.

Did you do it?

Okay, so consider how you have progressed in achieving your resolutions.celebration

Have you or are you on the way to achieving them?  Congratulations!  Celebrate and share your achievements with your support people!

What if you haven’t made much, if any, progress?

Write them down

Did you write your resolutions down?  Yes?  Then get them out.  No?  Then write them down!  (For tips on goals writing, check out this blog.)

Did you file them in a drawer and forgot about the implementation step?  Yes?  Okay, then over the next few weeks begin implementation.  Don’t put your resolutions back in the drawer!  Put them where you will see them everyday – the fridge, the bathroom mirror, your wardrobe door – wherever you can be reminded about what you need to do.  Review them regularly.

What got in the way?

For those who tried to implement their resolutions but didn’t get far, review why.  Was your resolution too big, not specific enough, had too many barriers….?  Consider what got in the way and what you may do to change things now.

Many women try a different way of eating or exercising and find after a short while they can’t maintain it.  The old way was your habit.  It’s hard to change habits so expect the change process to be hard but not impossible!

Plan BPlan

Sometimes implementation plan A doesn’t work.  That’s okay.  It’s like trying on an outfit in the fitting room of a shop, you might have to try on a few outfits before you find the perfect one.

So if plan A doesn’t work, maybe you need to write and then try plan B?

Get support

Find someone to help you consider your options and help you try them.  If your health coach, dietitian or PT isn’t flexible in considering more than one way of achieving your goals then it might be time to be flexible in your choice of health support person!


You shouldn’t judge yourself harshly if you haven’t achieved your resolutions.  And don’t let anyone else be your judge either.  We all struggle at one time or another.  We all have times when we have failed.  It’s only being human.

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”  Henry Ford

To sum up!

  • The trick is to learn from your mistakes
  • Get the support you need
  • Overcome the barriers you’ve identified
  • Be persistent with your plan
  • Celebrate your successes!

Good luck!  I know you can do it!

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I'm a nutritionist, dietitian and personal trainer with 29 years of experience helping people improve their health. I really like using a non-diet philosophy to achieving a healthy lifestyle. Can I help you improve your health?