I’m the first to admit I’m a procrastinator!  Procrastination comes to most people easily.

You may be busy, not busy, a perfectionist or a slap dash kind of person but it is something which infects many of the best of us.  And, no, it doesn’t mean you’re lazy.

Procrastination is an active process, in that you choose to do something more pleasant or more easy than that harder, less pleasant task you should be doing.

It’s also an enormous roadblock when you want to achieve change.

There’s a few steps to overcoming procrastination:

1 First of all, forgive yourself for past procrastination.  You aren’t alone.  You will likely procrastinate again – but just follow these steps and get back on track!

2 Make a commitment to the change.  Be definite.  Set goals.  Determine priorities.  You may set shorter term goals to achieve or strategies to follow to get you to your end goal.

3 As part of your commitment recruit supporters and let them know what your goals are (see here for a blog with more details on recruiting supporters).

4 Work out a reward when you achieve your goal.  Rewards are good they keep you keen!  Choose something that you really want.

5 Check in with someone to keep you on track.  A health coach, your support people, your GP are all options.  When you know a check in is coming up it keeps you on track.

Rephrase your internal dialogue – your self-talk – that voice in your head can be devastatingly disempowering.  Don’t beat yourself up!  Talk to yourself the way you would talk to a friend.  We are often very unkind to ourselves.

Be kind to yourself…

To recap… forgive yourself your past, set goals, get someone on board to encourage you, and be nice to yourself.

Aim to swallow that frog early every day or every week!  The thing you find hardest to do can be considered a frog you have to swallow (eek!).  Get it over with; done and dusted; finished.

So if you aren’t keen on exercise and need to move more, do it first thing in the day.  If you hate cooking, then bulk cook or choose home delivered meal boxes with recipes to make your daily food prep easy.

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